Hospitality; Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants, Bars & Gyms

Cover for your contents, liability for guests and your employees

What is it?

A package policy that can provide a wide range of covers to transfer your risk and protect your business from insured incidents.


One policy to meet your needs

Backed by major global insurers

Claims assistance

Why does my business need it?

Employers Liability is required by law if you have any employees. Cover for your contents, equipment and stock would provide peace of mind that your material investments into the business are suitably protected by your policy.


What does it cover?

Hospitality and Leisure packages cover your liabilities to the public and your employees, whilst also providing a transfer of risk on your contents, equipment and financial impact sustained to your business in the event of an insured incident.


Can I cover my stock if we have a power issue?

Yes, deterioration of stock can be included to protect you from a loss of stock


I take a laptop and my mobile phone home with me to finish my accounts, can I cover these under my restaurant policy?

Yes, this can be included under the All Risks section on the policy.


I run a guest house and live on site, can I cover my own personal contents under a hotel policy?

Yes, most policies have a divide between business and personal contents. Insurers may impose a forcible and violent entry clause to this section due to the access to the premises.