Goods in Transit

Protecting goods while they’re on the road

Goods in Transit Insurance is designed to protect goods while they are being moved from one place to another. It is a useful Motor Insurance supplement for those who drive commercial vehicles.


Policy Benefits 

Protects your business in the event of loss

Optional tools cover

Reassurance for customers

Why does my business need it?

There are many different types of business that would benefit from a Goods in Transit policy, including:

  • Couriers and hauliers
  • Furniture movers anyone who transports their own goods in a van to and from work.
  • This cover is particularly important for those who are transferring goods which are not their own; your clients will likely expect you to have some form of protection in place. Without it, you may lose their business, or your reputation could be tarnished as a result of not having it in place.


What does it cover?

  • Theft, loss or damage
  • Delays
  • Items delivered to the wrong address


Key cover benefits

  • Protects your business against reclaim costs in the event of loss, theft or damage
  • Optional tools cover available for tradesmen
  • Offers your customers reassurance

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