Cyber Liability

Protect Your Business Against New Threats in a Changing World

What is it?

Cyber Liability Insurance protects your business against threats such as data breaches, business or network interruption and malicious cyber attacks on work computer systems.

Technology is at the heart of successfully running a business and Cyber Liability Insurance addresses the risks that come with this. An expert will look closely at your business to understand the types of threats it could be exposed to and work out the level of cover you need.


Policy Benefits 

Tailored to your business

Backed by major global insurers

Specialist advice

Why does my business need it?

If you rely on computer systems, store customer data or have a website, this puts you at risk of a data breach or loss of vital business services. The risks are even greater if you handle customers’ bank details and process payments.

Regulations, such as the Data Protection Act, are in place to protect consumers. Cyber Liability Insurance protects you.

The cost to your business, both financially and reputationally, could be devastating if the law is broken. Without proper cover you could end up paying for IT experts to control the damage, investigation fees, third party liabilities and suffer major loss of earnings from your business shutting down during a cyber attack.

What does it cover?

Cyber Liability policies typically cover the financial and reputational costs resulting from a cyber attack for first (your business) and third parties (customers, clients or anyone else affected by the attack).


First-party cover may include:

  • Data theft
  • Business interruption (the loss of income if a cyberattack stops you from trading)
  • The cost of investigating a cyber attack
  • Cyber extortion (where third parties threaten to damage or release data if money is not paid to them)
  • The cost of informing your customers


Third-party cover may include:

  • Legal costs for defending against GDPR breach claims
  • Compensation payments arising from claims made against your business
  • Loss of third-party data, including compensation payments to customers for denial of access and software or systems failure


Key cover benefits

  • Protects beyond your standard business Insurance cover
  • Policy tailored to your business’s IT needs
  • Backed by connected expertise and thinking


What are common cybercrimes?

Common cybercrimes include the use of malware (malicious software that installs itself on your computer so an attacker can spy on your activities and steal your data), ransomware (your data is ‘kidnapped’ and the attacker demands a ransom payment in exchange for the data) and hacking (an attacker takes control of your computer system to steal your data).

Will my standard business Insurance cover against cybercrimes?

No. General insurance policies such as Commercial Combined or Combined Liability, protect you and your business against physical injury and material damage, but will specifically exclude cyber related claims.