Commercial Combined Insurance

Protecting your assets, looking after your income, caring for your employees and customers

What is it?

Commercial Combined insurance is an essential asset to any business the heart of business, a flexible policy to cover many parts of your insurance needs under one policy.


Why does my business need it?

One insurance policy can cover all your business needs as well as replace lost earnings should the worst happen. It also protects your legal liability to your employees and to members of the public, not only coming onto your site but if you go to other locations to work or deliver goods. There’s even protection if what you make causes injury to someone.


Policy Options

Backed by major global insurers


One policy covers all

What does it cover?

Adaptable to cope with your changing business needs, Commercial Combined insurance can cover:

  • Stock of raw materials and finished goods
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Buildings, if you own them – legal liability to your landlord if you don’t
  • Loss of income if you cannot operate due to damage to your equipment
  • Your legal obligation to protect your employees at work
  • Injury to members of the public, your customers, and their property
  • Goods carried around the country by your own vehicles or entrusted to couriers or hauliers
  • Expenses to pursue and defend a wide range of legal actions


Key cover benefits

  • One policy to cover the major insurance needs of your business
  • Flexible to keep up with changes you make as your business grows and evolves
  • Backed by major global insurers

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