Commercial Legal Expenses

Access to expert legal advice before a problem arises

What is it?

Typically, a legal expenses policy covers the cost of legal advice and representation required to defend your legal rights relating to a variety of disputes.

In addition to this, most policies will also offer an advice service giving practical guidance on human resource and health and safety compliance for example.


Policy Options

HR and employment guidance

Tax Advice

Health and Safety Advice

What does it cover?

  • Employment Tribunal Disputes
  • Health & Safety Prosecution
  • Tax Protection
  • Criminal Prosecutions
  • Data Protection
  • Contract Cover
  • Insolvency Hearing Costs
  • Compliance and Regulation


Key benefits

  • Legal costs, awards and settlements for a claim or regulatory action brought against you
  • Legal costs of representing you at an official investigation
  • Access to advice and support on a variety of legal and regulatory issues including:
  • Human resources and employment
  • Health and Safety
  • Taxation
  • Legal advice contracts, intellectual property, data protection etc
  • Rent arbitration costs up to £10,000
  • Crisis public relations costs up to £25,000 following sustained negative media

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