High Net Worth Home Insurance

Taking care of your home and possessions; a bespoke offering, tailored to your lifestyle.

What is it?

High Net Worth home insurance is a policy created for your unique needs, covering high value homes and contents with greater protection and flexibility than a typical policy can provide.


Policy Benefits 

Generous policy limits

Specialist claims teams

Security and fire Advice

What does it cover?

  • High-value homes including Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed
  • High contents values
  • Significant jewelry collections
  • Art collections
  • All possessions automatically covered worldwide
  • Automatic liability cover for housekeeper, cleaner, gardener etc.
  • Home Emergency events
  • Identity Fraud protection and recovery
  • Legal expenses, legal advice and tax advice


Key benefits

  • No upper limit on the value of your assets to be insured
  • Free security and fire protection assessments for higher value homes
  • Generous policy limits before an alarm or a safe is required
  • Automatic increase in value for art due to the death of the artist
  • Automatic cover for children’s possessions at boarding school, college or university
  • Automatic cover for parents’ and grandparents’ possessions in residential care
  • No restrictive clauses, conditions or warranties
  • Damage to lawns and landscaping, tennis courts, pools, pool houses and other garden structures included as standard

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