Poultry Disease / Avian Flu

Thompson & Richardson are well established Insurance Brokers specialising in the Farming, Livestock & Poultry markets since 1964.

We have an in depth understanding of Poultry Disease and all of our clients have constant access to an associate director along with a specialist team dedicated to dealing with Agricultural Insurance.

Poultry Insurance Products

• Avian influenza (High and Low Path)
• Salmonella
• Newcastle Disease
• IBD Gumboro
• ILT Laryngotracheitis
• The ability to model combinations of cover
• Business Interruption (6/12/18/24 month options)
• Cost per bird settlement also available
• Parent flock, day old, Pullet to end of productivity
• Organic, Free Range, Barn, Colony


Other Related Insurance Products

• Combined Policies, Buildings, Liabilities, Private Dwellings, High Net Worth including Cars, Agricultural and Specialist HGV facilities
• Livestock including Panic, Suffocation and full Mortality
• Milling, Veterinary and Specialist Professional sectors all catered for


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