Legal Expenses

Policies are available for business and commerce as well as private individuals to cover the cost of legal expenses to a specified amount. The three main areas dealt with by Thompson and Richardson are Commercial, Motor and household.


Thompson and Richardson have available a comprehensive commercial legal protection product which includes general litigation support as well as protection against tax investigations and employment disputes.

As the cost of legal actions can be great both in terms of time involved and cost, a legal expenses policy provides valuable peace of mind.
A 24 hour helpline is available that can be used by all policyholders and is manned by qualified solicitors.  This in itself provides many companies with expert advice at a fraction of the cost of using their own solicitor.
Thompson & Richardson feel this is a crucial part of any company's insurance portfolio.


If you are involved in a road traffic accident involving your car and the accident is not your fault, you are able to claim back your uninsured losses from the insurers of the responsible driver.
The hourly rate for a qualified solicitor or legal executive’s costs is likely to be considerable.  For a small additional premium, our legal expenses / uninsured loss recovery policies will provide you with the assistance required to recover your monies.
Examples of uninsured losses may include:

  • Compensation for death or Injury
  • Your car insurance excess under your comprehensive policy
  • Accident repair costs if you do not have comprehensive cover
  • Damage to your clothes, luggage or personal belongings if you do not have comprehensive cover
  • Hire car costs
  • Loss of earnings

The solicitor acting for you will handle all aspects of your claim such as locating a specialist (i.e. a medical expert) should this be necessary as a result of injury resulting from the accident.  

Family legal protection cover

This policy provides you with amongst other help expert legal advice at the end of the phone. For just a small additional premium, family legal protection cover provides you, and members of your household, with legal help and assistance with situations such as resolving disputes over purchased goods and services; employment contracts; disputes with neighbours plus much more.

Directors and Officers Liability

Whilst an appointment to an executive or non-executive position brings personal prestige it also brings potential personal liability for a negligent act, or an act outside the appointee's authority or which is in breach of duty or trust. In today's world, shareholders, employees, regulatory authorities, customers and creditors expect more from directors and officers and their companies than ever before. 

Directors or officers can be held responsible for actual or alleged wrongful acts as well as errors / omissions, including negligent advice, mis-statement or improper disclosure. Additional risk arises during the merger, take-overs and acquisitions process as the slightest error or oversight could leave them exposed to legal actions from a variety of sources.

Unlike a company's liability, which could well be limited, the personal liability of directors and officers may be unlimited. Indeed Section 310 of the Companies Act, although amended with effect from the 1st April 2005, still limits the circumstances under which indemnity is provided to directors sued in their personal capacity whilst acting on behalf of the company. In such circumstances, their defence may have to be funded personally. Uninsured directors and officers therefore face the possibility of personal bankruptcy.

In today's business environment Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance should not be overlooked.