Personal Accident and Illness

In an age where people have more and more financial commitments, it is extremely important to have some sort of protection in case you cannot work due to a serious accident or if you are ill for an amount of time.

It is very easy for us to bury our heads in the sand, thinking that it will never happen to us, but what would happen if it did and you were unable to pay your mortgage or rent, or even your normal day to day bills? 

You may have savings to fall back on; it could however take a long time to replace these once you returned to work.

If you are employed, do you know how much and how long your employers will pay you if you are off work?  It may be that you are only entitled to Statutory Sick Pay, which may be considerably lower than your earnings.

It is even more important to consider this if you are self employed.  If you are unable to work you are unable to earn. 

Why not let us give you a quotation? You may be surprised at the actual cost, especially if you compare it to how much you may lose if you were off word for 3 months, for example.