The latest situation on Avian Influenza

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The H5N8 strain of the disease has been confirmed at a commercial game farm in Lancashire, at three separate poultry farms in Lincolnshire and in backyard flocks in North Yorkshire and Carmarthenshire.

Restrictions remain in place at the following sites:

Wyre, Lancashire (confirmed on 27 January 2017)
Boston, Lincolnshire (confirmed on 26 January 2017)
Wyre, Lancashire (confirmed on 24 January 2017)
East Lindsey, Lincolnshire (confirmed on 16 January 2017)
Settle, North Yorkshire (confirmed on 6 January 2017)
Carmarthenshire, Wales (confirmed on 4 January 2017)

Restrictions have now been lifted at the following sites:

Louth, Lincolnshire (confirmed on 16 December, all restrictions lifted 18 January)

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