Bovine TB outbreak in Lincolnshire

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Farmers have been instructed to emergency-test livestock for Bovine Tuberculosis after a confirmed case in Lincolnshire.

The Animal & Plant Health Agency has written to farmers whose livestock are most at risk by being close to the location of where the TB case was identified.

The disease was found in a wild roe deer at College Wood near Wragby in March but farmers have only just been notified.

Farmers in the surrounding area have been contacted to get all cattle aged over six week tested.

Lincolnshire is currently a TB-free zone and the county is rated as 'low risk' by Defra.

A letter sent to farmers states: "We have implemented a risk zone of enhanced TB surveillance around that case to identify if there as been any spread of disease to cattle herds and to limit the number of affected animals."

If farms identify cases of TB, it could see restrictions placed on the movement of cattle.

A spokesman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said: "The Animal and Plant Health Agency is undertaking a one-off TB check test of herds in the area potentially roamed by the deer and, if disease is found, normal procedures will be implemented, including testing within a specific radius.

"There are currently no other consequences for the area."

In October 2014, Farmers Weekly reported up to 40 cattle were slaughtered after cattle tested positive for the disease.

All livestock farmers have to test cattle for the disease at prescribed intervals.

Humans can catch bovine TB through such things as being exposed to bacteria from an infected animal, but the risk is very low for the vast majority of the population.

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