Lincolnshire rural crime costs almost £2.5m in 2016

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Rural crime in Lincolnshire accounted to almost £2.5million in 2016, the most of any county in the UK, according to the National Farmer’s Union.

The result was a 5% increase on 2015 figures, however the result will not be much of a surprise for many people given how rural the county is.

Lincolnshire Police recently launched new high-tech drones and quad bikes earlier this year to help tackle county’s rural crime issue.

Tim Price, a rural affairs specialist said in the report:

“The rise in rural crime has come about due to two main factors. Social and economic change has seen the number of farms fall and close-knit communities collapse. And modern transport links now enable thieves to steal farm machinery and move it into mainland Europe in a matter of hours.

“Countryside criminals are becoming more brazen, and our annual survey of attitudes indicates that many farmers now feel under siege.

“Across the country they’re turning their farmyards into fortresses to protect their homes, families and property. Some are even turning their backs on farming altogether.”

Nationally, the cost of rural crime in 2016 was £39.2million, falling 4.3% since 2015.

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