Jane Burgess awarded The Exceptional Service Award

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Jane Burgess, an associate director at Thompson & Richardson Insurance Brokers in Lincoln, has been recognised with ‘The Exceptional Service Award’ by the Chartered Insurance Institute at their Network Conference. This award recognises people who have demonstrated exceptional service and commitment to both the insurance profession and their professional body The Chartered Insurance Institute.
This year Jane was the only recipient of this award out of over 120,000 members. 

Jane has been President of Lincoln Institute three times and held many other roles, locally and nationally, within the CII and has assisted with everything from the organising the yearly syllabus to hosting council meetings.

Throughout the years she has provided guidance and counselling to graduates and others.
She encourages and mentors many people with their professional exams. Jane has also created a Young Professionals group, inspiring new members to join the local council.
She regularly engages with local businesses and visits numerous towns within Lincolnshire to encourage local participation in the profession.

Jane is currently the local institute Diversity Champion for East Midlands. She is highly committed to the role and is seen as a role model by the Diversity Champions group where her techniques, presentations, talks and networking within her diversity region is one of the best.

Nick Jewitt, managing director of the Lincoln office of Thompson and Richardson said:
“We are delighted that Jane has been given this much deserved recognition by her peers. This National Award focuses on those who have become champions for their local institute and great advocates for The CII; both the insurance and personal finance sector. It could not have been awarded to a better candidate than Jane. This combination contributes to her key role in Thompson and Richardson’s continued success and growth. We are fortunate to have Jane in our team.”