Avian Influenza Tips

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An infographic (please see picture) has been produced to raise awareness and encourage anyone who keeps poultry to comply with Defra’s Prevention Zone which is currently in place.

The consequences of not complying with Defra’s prevention zone could be severe, for both individual keepers and the British poultry industry as a whole, and so it is vital that we disseminate this message to as many poultry keepers as possible.

We would ask, that if possible you might print the infographic off and display it in as many appropriate places as you can, so that we can reach as many backyard poultry owners as possible.

If you need further help or advice please refer to the links below:

1.      Video from the Chief Vet, Nigel Gibbens: click here
2.      Defra how to keep your birds safe advice to backyard flock keepers: click here
3.      The NFU Avian Influenza Hub: click here