There are many types of accidents that can seriously affect a business, and the costs in human and financial terms can be devastating.

Approximately 35,000 fires occur in business premises each year whilst over 400,000 premises suffer break-ins. There are around 200,000 serious accidents on business premises and also some 600 fatalities.  Our expertise can help ensure the proper protection should a business suffer the misfortune of a similar loss.

The manufacturing and construction industries in particular are faced with constant exposure to high-risk circumstances and professional risk analysis is essential in providing vital protection for firms of all sizes.

An insurance programme can be designed to provide cover both on an annual basis and also for specific contracts in the construction industry and our service includes both the arranging of the necessary insurance as well as an ongoing claims handling service.

Even the most cost effective insurance portfolio can be expensive and, mindful of cash flow, facilities are normally available for premiums to be paid on a monthly basis in exchange for a credit charge.